About Us

We are a company that adapts to your needs. If you need it, we can make it. Every set up comes free of charge! The only thing you are paying is the cost of running the server.

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Plans And Virtual Private Machines

You can always find a suitable VPS machines from the different providers online.
But, how many can you find that are tailored just for your needs?!

That is what we are doing here, at Custom VPS Hosting.

As the name suggests, we will listen to your personal requests and install everything that you need, so that you can start working immediately!

Our Company

You dream, we make it real.

Here at Custom VPS Host, we don’t put limitations to your dreams.
It is up to you, to tell us what you want, and we will try to make it with everything we’ve got.
Of course, in the limitations of reality. 🙂

All of our staff and property are at your disposal. We can put on your personal VPS whatever system you want, and install whatever software you want. We have them all in our library ready to be served as needed.
Of course, if there is something that we don’t have currently in offer. Just contact us and we will try to get it, or find some suitable solution for you.

We don’t limit what you can do on your VPSs, you rent it, and it is your machine to be used by you, however you want.

We won’t event monitor or check what you do on them. It is your personal PC, and you can install on it whatever you want and use it as you please.

Interested? Choose Your Plan!

If you have any special options or programs that you want to be set up and configured on your VPS. Just contact us and it will be done ASAP. Free of charge!!!